TLDR; Creative by day, sleepy by night.

I’m Hanna. A creative director roaming the Stockholm office of NORD DDB.

I’m devoted to great stories that stir emotions beyond reason. A love for creating and crafting new worlds for brands that are connected to people and culture. Regardless of format, ideas with a heart that teases the mind are what I am here for. Throughout my career, I’ve worked at PR and advertising agencies; to truly understand the earned factor of great ideas and the distribution to a wide audience, to really gain people’s attention. It’s absolutely fantastic. And extremely difficult. But like a happy fool, I’m not the one to give up anytime soon.

Most of my time is spent quiet, staring at some sort of device, or arguing with strategists about what my gut feeling call emotional logic. But as much as I can, I dwell in stories. Series, books, songs, red wine complaints – whatever’s good. And I love to sleep. That’s where the real magic happens.

Yes. That’s about it.

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