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A short summary of my work-life balance.

First off, I’ve had the privilege of working at great agencies, with extremely talented people. When people share a joint vision and work hard, things happen. I hope to achieve much more before it’s time to lay it down. But until then, my younger self is humbled and happy. My older self is anxious and wise. 

For the sake of the people actually reading this, I know they are here to learn some more. I’ve deleted the long and detailed list of awards – as I’m aiming towards future horizons together with my team. But if you need some specifics, I’ll name drop a few award shows: D&AD, Cannes Lion, Epica, One Show, Eruobest, Guldägget, Roygalan, Webbys, Lovies, 100-wattaren and Strategy Awards. There you go. 

Instead, I will share something a tad bit more personal. A few years ago, when I was meeting up with ”promising women within my network”, I was asked a question about my proudest moment in my advertising career so far. I was quiet. Proud? Me? A Swedish self-loathing working bee that likes to hide behind the scenes? Don’t think so. Fast forward till today, and I’m grown up enough to share my top 3 proudest moments.

3) When me and my team won D&AD’s first ever White Pencil in the (at the time) brand new category Impact Award. That was, and still is for me, a big deal. Especially since the project was made completely ”all hands on deck”. My sister was the film photographer and I was the director, because I was the, erhm, least introverted person in the crew. It was my first real lesson that taught me that the budget is never the issue, because it’s the attitude that makes the difference. 

2) The year I got (bought) my very first dog, a spoiled brat whippet called Rei. And later I got made CD with my partner in crime, Anna Salonen. Too bad this all happened during Covid, and we had to celebrate all small wins in our PJs with a shared pizza from the local pizza guy. Didn’t matter though, because the lesson of Covid is that it’s all about the people, and it’s all about the work, work, work. If we manage to prioritize in that order, the apocalypse can wait. 

1) Hasn’t happened yet. Open for suggestions. Swipe right for surprises etc. I’m still hopeful. 

💅🏽 Jury Duty & Other Accomplishments

💥 Guldägget 2022 Integrated Jury Lead 💥 AICP Awards 2022 Humor Category Jury 💥 Månadens Resumé 2022 Film Jury Lead 💥 ADWARDS 2021 Jury 💥 Youtube Works 2020 Jury 💥 White Square 2020 Creative Jury 💥 Young Lions 2019 Film Jury 💥Cannes Lion 2019 Film Jury 💥 DN-Reklamcupen 2019 Jury 💥 Guldägget 2019 Activation, Audio & Integrated Jury💥 Guldägget 2018 Innovation & Online film Jury 💥

🚀 Experience

NORD DDB Creative Director 2021-ongoing
Senior Creative Copywriter 2018 -2021
Edelman Deportivo Creative Copywriter 2015-2018
GREY London Creative Copywriter 2015
Internships W+K London, Anomaly London, Forsman&Bodenfors, KING
Studio assistant
Oakwood Creative

📓 Education

Berghs School of Communication Advertising/Copywriting 2012-2014
Skrivarakademin Creative Writing 2011-2012